Mittwoch, 23. März 2011

"Abandoned" oil well causes new spill in GOM / "Verschlossenes" Bohrloch löst neuen Ölteppich im Golf aus

"The  newspaper earlier reported that state officials had fingered work being done to the Anglo-Suisse's non-producing oil well near Southwest Pass of the Mississippi River as the likely source, calling it a "well capping out of control."  Anglo Suisse Offshore Partners  released a statement last night confirming it was the source of the spill, but that it was "surprised" that its dormant well could have released that much oil, according to the paper. The Times Picayune reported the well was being capped for permanent abandonment" (via Huffington Post)

Seems like the initial scare about another large gulf of Mexico oil spill is solved. It seems the oil comes from what oil companies call a "permanently capped well" whose cap failed. Just a reminder - there are over 27000 of these abandoned wells in the gulf alone! What could possibly go wrong!

Nachdem zwischenzeitlich die Meldungen über eine neuerliche Ölkatastrophe im Golf umgingen scheint sich die Ursache geklärt zu haben. Ein verlassenes und verschlossenes altes Bohrloch leckt. Kann schon mal vorkommen, oder? Nur blöderweise gibt es davon 27000 alleine im Golf von Mexiko. Jeder davon kann sich irgendwann mal in Wohlgefallen auflösen - das wird in den kommenden Jahrzehten ja noch spannend...