Montag, 14. Februar 2011

Frack you once, Frack you twice / Hydrofracking jetzt auch für Öl

"Oil engineers are applying what critics say is an environmentally questionable method developed in recent years to tap natural gas trapped in underground shale. They drill down and horizontally into the rock, then pump water, sand and chemicals into the hole to crack the shale and allow gas to flow up.
Because oil molecules are sticky and larger than gas molecules, engineers thought the process wouldn't work to squeeze oil out fast enough to make it economical. But drillers learned how to increase the number of cracks in the rock and use different chemicals to free up oil at low cost." (via yahoo news)

Not long ago the broad public learnt about hydrofracking for the first time when the movie "Gasland" showed how this already widespread prectice can lead to burning tap water, gas-bubbling streams and poisenous chemicals in the groudwater. Now it seems not even the oil bearing rocks are safe from this extraction method, potentially covering even more ground with boreholes and fractured rock beneath, addind additional chemicals. But "we" need more and more oil, right? Especially now that Saudia Arabia seems to run out of oil earlier than thought and peak oil is here...

Kaum hat sich der Schock über die Auswirkungen von "Hydrofracking" gesetzt, den der Film "Gasland" ausgelöst hat, hatte Deutschland zu schlucken, daß dies nicht nur in den USA sondern auch hierzulande gemacht wird. Jetzt kommt noch mal ein Sahnehäubchen oben auf, denn offenbar kann man mit noch mehr Chemikalien und mehr Druck das Gestein noch feiner zerbrechen, so daß man jetzt auch Öl aus Ölschiefern extrahieren kann. Das kommt ja gerade recht, jetzt wo Saudi Arabien das Öl auch langsam ausgeht.