Montag, 6. Juni 2011

Recriticality in Fukushima? / Immer noch Kernreaktion in Fukushima

"Gundersen suspects an on-and-off recriticality in the Reactor 3 (or any of the Spent Fuel Pools).
Below is the chart of iodine-131 detection at the Federal Office of Radiation Protection in Germany, [...] I always thought it was rather peculiar that there seemed to be periodic spikes in the amount of iodine-131 [...]
Could these spikes indicate what Gundersen is talking about? On-and-off recriticality?" (via Ex-SFK)

Sounds like its not over till its over in Fukushima and the things are still literally cooking. I made an interesting overlay of three graphs from Fukushima, the fluctuating temperature of block 3, the measured radiation of block 1 and the measured iodine 131 near the plant, the red bars point to possible correlations. Iodine 131 only is generated while the chain reaction is going on and has a half life of only 8 days. (Caution, the radiation dose measurement of Block 1 is officially not accurate)

Klingt ganz so als ob die Reaktoren in Fukushima noch lang nicht komplett heruntergefahren sind. Hier ist noch lange nicht alles in Ordnung. Ich habe mal drei interessante Grafiken übereinandergelegt, die fluktuierende Temperatur in Block 3, die gemessene Strahlungsdosis in Block 1 und die gemessene Iod 131 Konzentration in Japan. Die roten Balken zeigen mögliche Übereinstimmungen. Iod 131 entsteht bei einer aktiven Kernreaktion und hat eine Halbwertsziet von nur 8 Tagen. (Achtung, die Strahlungsdosismessung in Block 1 ist offiziell fehlerbehaftet)