Freitag, 10. Dezember 2010

Farmville is like smoking / Farmville ist wie rauchen

"indie game design star Jonathan "Braid" Blow talks about his problem with the design of FarmVille (and similar games) -- they're compelling because they make you anxious, not because they are "fun" "
nice catch - so to rephrase that: People do not play Farmville because it is so much fun to play, but because they are worried about what happens to their virtual farm if they are offline for a while. So it is like smoking cigarettes. You get a little fun while doing it, but mostly you continue doing it because you get anxious and all hyped up if you do not do it. Seems like the online gaming industry has learned something from other addictions.

Also auf deutsch: Leute spielen "Farmville" nicht etwa weil es Spass macht es zu spielen, sondern weil man Angst hat was im Spiel passiert wenn man gerade nicht online ist. Irgendwie wie Zigaretten rauchen, oder? Da hat jemand gut aufgepasst wie Suchtverhalten funktioniert! Großartiges Geschäftsmodell!